unlock the power of healing your trauma and discovering a life-long sense of inner peace. Take steps towards a better version of yourself with our complete step by step program today.

my Trauma healing blueprint

Are you struggling to let go of your past trauma?

Transform your life with our Trauma Healing Blueprint and learn the tools to overcome your trauma. Through this course, you will gain the understanding and resources needed to help you heal spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically so that you can heal your past and transform into your healed stronger future self! 

I waitet so long for "time" come and heal me

Do you also waiting for "time" to heal you too?

I felt so hopeless and exhausted 

So many times, I have cried my soul out and didn’t understood why “time” so many around me talked about didn’t heal me.  I remember I felt down on my knees, I couldn’t stand up again, while I was lien there on my kitchen floor, I felt so hopeless and alone. I cried and screamed, begged God to have mercy on my soul.  After a while I stopped screaming and crying I didn’t even knew how to continue to live, when I felt so alone, hopeless, and exhausted. 

Have you also felt alone and hopeless?

If you are struggling right now, feeling hopeless and alone, 

All you want and need is people to understand you.

 Understand how little you have control over the burden your trauma has cost you.

 Understand where you come from.

 Understand how exhausting all this uncontrolled emotions and thoughts are. 

If you feel like life just passing by, and you becoming more disconnected with everyone around you,

 its gets harder to open up and talk with your nearest one, cause you feel like burden and they can’t understand you.  

The journey of transformation can be hard and complicated if you are without the right team by your side!

Are you with this challenges
and frustrations?


Traumatic childhood memories, that effects your daily life?


Are you feeling guilty for still hurting?


Exhausted of your trauma controlling your life? 


Do you feel alone and no-one is there to understand what you are going through? 

imagine the possibilities

What if I told you that there is a way to achieve a life like this!

Trauma Healing

Take back control of your life by investing in yourself with help from someone who has been through it all. Get the knowledge, support and healing you need to make lasting changes with personalized guidance that only comes with real-life experience. Discover how to overcome challenges and move towards a life filled with success and happiness.

I have had setbacks, failures, made mistakes, and been in isolation, all the help and support and study. The knowledge, the wins & healing I have made over the last 12 years have been life changing. Now I want to help you to heal!
I don’t want your healing journey to take 12 years of your life, like it did for me!

What's Included?

Item 1

Video Sessions

Where I step by step guide you through every module so you can become your future healed self

Item 2

Meditation sessions

Powerful guided healing meditations sessions, written and recorded by me

Item 3

Worksheets & Journals

Healing Journal
where you can write down your thoughts and feelings! Worksheets so you can get better understanding of yourself!

Course Content

What You'll Learn

You learn how to master your mind and emotions, to take back your power, have more control of your emotions and thoughts. You learn how to become your own healer, you learn to heal mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, to stand confident and feel empowered to be yourself! You learn how to connect with peace within, you learn to understand yourself. You learn yourself better, and become stronger!

Module 1

Mastering your Mindset

Transform your life with the help of mastering your mindset. Get in-depth knowledge and insights into how to manage and control your emotions, thoughts, and experiences. Learn how to recognize and challenge cognitive distortions, utilize affirmations to create lasting change, and break through traumas that may have been holding you back from your true potential. With Mastering Your Mindset, take control of your life today!

Module 2

Chakra balancing

Harness the power of your energy system with our chakra balancing and healing services. Learn how to open, balance and clear your chakras for a more mindful and spiritual life. Improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being through personalized guidance from experienced practitioners. Take your life to the next level with our chakra balancing solutions.

Module 3

Inner Child Healing

Make peace with your past and discover the power of self-awareness with Inner Child Healing. Unlock new insights into why you react the way you do, learn how to recognize and manage triggers, and discover a new level of confidence in yourself. Take back control of your life and start living with purpose today.

Module 4

Renew your energy field

By healing and renewing your damaged energy field, with our program, you’ll learn how effective this method is to order for you to function daily! By mastering these techniques, you’ll be empowered to heal yourself and reap the benefits of a vibrant life.

Module 5

Healing your trauma

Unlock your hidden potential. We help you break free from the cycle of trauma and negative memories, replacing them with positive and empowering ones. Our comprehensive program offers effective coping skills and strategies to help you find inner peace and live an empowered life.

Module 6

Connect with peace within

Learn how to build peace, reduce anxiety, and stay grounded. Our unique program helps you connect with yourself on a deeper level and provides practical tools to cope with anxious thoughts. Get the skills you need to stay calm in life’s toughest moments

Wait, there is more

Awesome Bonus #1 (Value $ 100) Inner chIld & worksheets trauma worksheets

  • Inner Child worksheets
  • Trauma worksheets teach you how you can learn and understand yourself better, and write down your thoughts and emotions.

Awesome Bonus #2 (Value $100) 2 Guided Mediations

  •  Powerful muscle tensions realise 
  •  Cut the energy cord 

Awesome Bonus #3 (Value $100 ) * 4 step how to heal video *How trauma effect your brain

  • Video session where I guide you how to become your own healer and heal in correct order, see it as master class it self, look it as treasure you should have learn from early age.
  •  how trauma effects your brain E-cards.

testimonials from past participants

what they have to say

Instead of having us talk about ourselves, why don’t we see what our past participants have to say about our amazing coaching programme.

So far I am quite impressed and your energy is very clean and cooling. This is extremely important so kudos to you for the great work you have done.
Philip Taylor
I feel this was heaven sent gift I attract in my life, at first I was little skeptical it wasn't Norwegian. But now I feel blessed. Thank you  Azadeh you blessed my life with this course!
Linda Abrahamsen
I just want to say WOW, So much information and so much you have put in to it, without feeling overwhelming, I would have paid more, this is amazing!
Esmerelda Fredrickx

Now it’s your turn to get results…

Are you ready to be your future healed self?

Get to know me

meet Azadeh

Azadeh, works as Supervisor and Healer, offers an inspiring and unique approach to healing.

She have done major self development last 23 years. Where she had focus on growing and becoming more the woman she is meant to be.

For over 13 years ago, back in 2010, her journey with meditation, mindfulness and tai chi started where she got empowered to leave behind the life she shared with her abusive husband!

From then she has dedicated her expertise to supporting and empowering women who have been traumatized in their lives.

With her distinctive combination of compassionate listening, mindset and empowering tools she helps women on their path to release trauma, build resilience and reclaim their life.

Her vision is to help mothers heal from trauma wounds so that they can raise empowered children – creating happier homes for generations to come.

Utilizing her personalized approach for every woman, Azadeh provides a safe space for healing where personal growth, self-discovery, and transformation are all possible.

Azadeh ©

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Step into the person you were always meant to be

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You keep blaming others instead of taking responsibility for your own healing journey

You don't want to let go of the past hurt

you are not committed to become healed future self

Are you ready to take the next step on your healing journey? Join the Trauma Healing Course now and get immediate access to step-by-step resources, tools, tips and support. Sign up now and start your transformation today!

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