Project Lille Måne/ Little Moon

Help moms to become healed mothers for their children

Azadeh helps Moms 35 years +, with children between 0-13 years, who have been in toxic relationships, are motivated to heal their inner child wounds, break generation of trauma & replace traumatic memories.Her mission is to help moms all over the world to become healed mothers for their children.

Her biggest dream is to build women shelter for mothers and their children all over the world. So they can heal in peace and can have new start in life. Where they get opportunities to start small business so they can make it on their own. Azadeh vision for future children is that every child, have roof above their head, and have food and clean water. They feel and are in safe environment! Their healing and metal health being priority where ever in the world they may be. 

The children becomes our future healed generations of us

Azadeh vision for future children, is that the children becomes our future healed generations of us, and can make world better place for everyone to live in. Have opportunities to choose their education and have enough support to continue their journey! 

No child being left behind, every single one are our hope for the future!