Healing happens the moment you stop forcing your energy to be somewhere it doesn’t belongs to

Transfer life energy that can promote a healing process

A healer can be defined as someone who has a natural ability to convey or transfer life energy that can promote a healing process. 

Healers believe that the body will be better able to heal itself when the energy system is in balance, and that healing contributes to man’s natural ability to heal himself. 

There is no clear boundary between mind and body, these are considered as aspects of consciousness that mutually reflect and influence each other.

Holistic therapy

There are great energy resources in man that are bound, but which can be released and channeled from person to person. This can be done by touch techniques or by psychic power transmission, possibly combined with the use of herbs, crystals, pendulum and astrological calculations. 

The individual must thus come into a harmonious relationship with the whole, hence often referred to as “holistic therapy”, which must not be confused with similar concepts in medical science.

Healing can be put into different religious frameworks of understanding: shamanism, magic, biblical sub-narratives, Hinduism’s thoughts about the divine power in man related to the chakra system, or the ancient Chinese notion of Yin and Yang.