Power Animal

What is a Power Animal?

Protect and guide you

Azadeh believes Earth manifestet us as animals first before Earth manifestet humans, and the power/totem animals that belongs to us is actually our own past life experiences. 

Your power animal are there to protect and guide you, even heal you in this human journey. Some animals are always with you, and some just passing by to give you message or their wisdom and strength!

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Enhance your personal life

Power animals are spirit guides in animal form, valuable allies who can help you navigate through life’s challenges and transitions. You can turn to these perceptive and trustworthy oracles for advice and counsel on any questions or concerns, for they’re exceptional teachers who will help you learn about both the spirit and the natural world. Working with them on a regular basis will enhance your personal life and expand your spiritual capacities immensely.

Power animals can appear in meditations, visions, dreams, shamanic journeys, or on the earth in their physical form. They can be mammals, birds, or reptiles; and even so-called mythical creatures such as unicorns or dragons can be power animals, although they have no physical representations in the material world. However, since spirit animals’ power is drawn from their instinctual and wild nature, it’s uncommon for purely domesticated animals such as pets to be part of this group