Some Loving from Azadeh and her guest hosts 


Welcome to this Free Healing Journey Masterclass!

Dont look at this as free! Look at this like you paid a lot of money and it feels like great blessing, and you wished you learned all this at school when you where younger!

Every healing journey is personal, but this is basic steps to heal faster way and stop feeling stuck!

Since you are here, then I know you mean business, you really want to heal and know yourself better, and your are defiantly done with being dizzy of all the “good advice” you get about how to heal!

4 steps to heal

Please please please!!

Dont look at this as free, be here 100% and take notes!

Look at this like this is something we need to have at schools and learn this from early age!

share this gift to your loved ones too, sharing is caring

Im proud of you to take this step and have watcht this whole course! I do look forward to see you in next level!

What does it mean to break generations of trauma?

Breaking generation of trauma! What does it actually mean?

What can you do in your healing journey to break free?
  • Do you get easily trigged?
  • Thin skinned?
  • Wounded who’s waiting for someone to come and change your life?
  • You don’t know how to describe how you feel?
  • Do you match energies instead of standing in your own?


  • you are READY to take responsibility for your own healing journey?
  • Are you ready to take your power back?
  • Are you ready to let go of past?
  • Are you ready to face your shadows
  • Are you ready to forgive your parents?
  • Balance your masculine and feminine energy?
  • Are you ready to make peace with the past?

    Are you ready to make peace with the past??

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Take this journey with every memory you may have! The importance is you give its power away!
And you take your power back!

you will also find this healing session in my “Trauma Healing” course too!