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Coach - Supervisor - Healer

Right now at the moment Azadeh works just with women, who have been through trauma in life. Most of them are women 35+ (mothers) who have been in dysfunctional relationships, and need to heal their inner child, and traumatic events! 

Why Azadeh focus so much on inner child healing?Because your future healed self need its past to be healed first. You can’t heal the future without going back to heal the past first. When you have healed the foundation of your past, is much easier to focus and heal and be your future healed self. 

Azadeh make sure their clients get what they ask for, she is used to mix her Coaching/Supervision/Healing sessions with some readings too. 

But all of this is up to what each clients needs and wants are. So every session is different from the other one. 

You can also book her as your motivation mentor/ spiritual teacher.