Our purpose is to offer a helping hand, compassion, and mercy.

Beside working for free as guide, healer, counsellor in over 10 years.

For many years has Azadeh shared her kindness in Oslo streets, shared food, money and listening ear to homeless and needy ones. 

She started Sommerfugleffekten”the butterfly effect” where she have been cleaning the earth, mostly beaches, woods, and sidewalks. First she was alone, but then her youngest daughter became another member too. Its has been delightful to teach her little daughter importance of cleaning the Earth she said.

She have also been volunteering in India (Goa) with her daughter(4 years old back then), in women shelter and the slum for 4 weeks. Its was big eye opning thing to do, how people live there and how they have it and how they can cope with so little of choices they have. 

When she was in India she also managed to raise money, to give to women shelter and to some others too, she also made food donation to a kindergarten in those short 4 weeks. 

She have also worked as volunteering at Kirkensbymisjon in Norway, where she helped refugees to learn Norwegian and have someone they can talk with and share their life with. 

She looks forward to give more and do more in future and she really wants to focus on children’s needs in future!


I experience that Azadeh, with her life experience, warmth of heart and wisdom, was quickly able to capture what was my challenge, and thereby hit the nail on the head in relation to. support me in my process. I now experience renewed peace of mind, and good clarity in what I will focus on in my business in the future - AND I experience increased customer influx of exactly the customers I want to work with. Thank you
Confident coaching
I want to say a thousand million thanks to you Azadeh who brings miracles into my life❤️ That you give so much of yourself is unique❤️ Lucky are those who get to have you in their lives❤️ For me, the gift you have received from higher powers and giving of yourself to your fellow human beings is wonderful. Not easy to get back to you what I get from you but you should know that I send you good warm thoughts many times a day❤️ Thank you so much for being in my life Azadeh
Irene Olsen Bjørnstad
Thank you so much for the beautiful and good healing I received from you. I was so tired and tired after a lot of pain in my neck. I recovered quickly after the healing. Thank you beautiful Azadeh for the great help ❤ I would highly recommend her ❤
Ann-Helen Wilhelmsen