Print it out or just use it as it is and write as much as you can, more you write or talk about thing, more you give its power away! Happy Healing to you 

Inner Child Memory

Just some comforting words about how messy all this healing is. Im proud of you taking action towards to become your future healed self!

Guided meditation Balancing your Chakras

Beside this time, Listen to this Guided meditation if any of this symptoms appears! When our main seven chakras are open and balanced, energy can flow freely through our bodies and minds. When any of these energy centers are blocked, it leads to stagnation and can contribute to a variety of physical and spiritual ailments. If you are experiencing any […]

4 basic steps how to heal

If you haven’t already seen my 4 steps healing master classYou have to look at it so you understand the basics steps of healing journey and the importance of acknowledging yourself and your steps!  Watch the video here 

Guided meditation grounding

To be at peace you have to be grounded first! Listen to this recording whenever you feel the need to stay grounded!  

Memories of Trauma!

Let go of the burden of past traumas and memories. With this healing process, you can finally be free to move forward with your life. Our guidance will help you through the process as it is, allowing you to flow through it all.   WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!